About FVOG

The Faculty Association Consultative Body (FVOG) is the overarching organization for all faculty and study associations of the University of Groningen. Since 1986 the FVOG represents the interests of these associations. In short, the FVOG has two main objectives:

  • Serving the interests of the faculty and study associations of the University of Groningen
  • The aim of mutual cooperation between the faculty and study associations

To represent the interests the FVOG organizes and participates in various consultations. Good communication with members and various university institutions is of the most important for the organization. For this reason there are General Associations Assemblies (GAA), Central Faculty Council (CFO) and internationalization consultations. In addition, the FVOG also participates in meetings with al the overarching bodies of the university organized by CUOS.

To promote cooperation between associations, it is also important to make room for social activities in addition to formal activities. The FVOG organizes, among other things, the board weekend and board socials for the affiliated associations.

The FVOG is governed every year by three to four students from the University of Groningen. These directors represent one of the member associations of the FVOG. Do you have any questions about what the FVOG does? Or are you interested in representing all faculty and study associations next year? Feel free to contact us.