Faculty of Arts

Below you can find all the study associations from the Faculty of Arts, affiliated with the FVOG.


Clio is the Study Association of International Relations & International Organization at the University of Groningen. Clio has around 1100 members and is the largest association at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Groningen. Clio has 12 committees, which organize numerous events including parties, workshops, excursions. Clio also offers services like the bookstore, high-quality summaries, and the internship. Furthermore, our magazine Checks&Balances is published three times a year and we offer the International Research by Students Program to give third year bachelor and master students the opportunity to conduct research for a multinational corporation, a NGO or a (foreign) government.

Please check www.clio.nl for more information!


Studievereniging Commotie is dé studievereniging voor alle communicatiestudenten van Groningen. Dit betekent dat zowel HBO- als WO-studenten van harte welkom zijn bij de vereniging. Commotie is een actieve en gezellige vereniging met zowel studiegerichte als sociale activiteiten. De georganiseerde activiteiten variëren van congressen, lezingen en praktijkdagen tot borrels, feesten en de buitenlandse studiereis. Naast activiteiten brengt Commotie vier keer per jaar het tijdschrift _De Comment _uit. Commotie zorgt ervoor dat je net dat beetje extra uit je studie haalt. Voor meer informatie over Commotie en over de activiteiten kijk je op de website van Commotie !


Out of Many One: not many words have been spoken that encapsulate the United States so well as these four – and the same can be said of American Studies. This is exactly why E Pluribus Unum, the original Latin phrase, is the name our study association bears: EPU’s main goal is to unite all American Studies students, both from the Bachelor and Master programs. By doing so, we can represent the entire student body in their interests, and provide them with ample opportunities to expand those interests. Of course, bonding among the students is a priority as well. Regular aspects such as lectures, monthly (themed) drinks, the introduction camp, and EPU’s very own magazine (the American Studies Herald or ASH) have been supplemented with conferences, study trips abroad, and online ASH articles. With this vast array of activities, EPU has managed to create a cohesive body of enthusiastic American Studies students. For more information: www.svepu.nl



Max L. Snijders




Linguistics: TW!ST

TW!ST is the study association for Linguistics students at the UG. As a member of TW!ST you are able to ask all questions concerning the study and everything related to it. We offer you study related activities – think of trips to research institutions or pub lectures – and non-study related activities such as a monthly drink.

On top of that you can increase your network and career opportunities through TW!ST by attending career activities and information sessions organized by us.

Last but not least you have the opportunity to develop yourself by  in one of the committees or the board. Because of the small amount of linguistics students but the relatively high amount of TW!ST members, the study association is the perfect place to meet fellow students outside the lecture halls. More information can be found at www.twistgroningen.nl.

GHB Ubbo Emmius


ZaZa is the study association for Dutch language and culture students in Groningen. Zaza has fourteen committees, which organize a lot of different activities. For example, we have monthly drinks, parties with other associations and barbecues, but you also have the opportunity to orientate on your career with our study-related activities. In addition, you can work on your health by participating in our football trainings or other sport activities. Furthermore, we organise a foreign study trip every year and we publish our magazine Meneer Pen three times a year. Do you want to know more about ZaZa? Check our website, www.zaza-nederlands.nl!


Nowadays, there are about 7000 languages in the world. In comparison, there are about 195 nation-states. This means that the vast majority of the world is multilingual. Additionally, those 195 nation-states each have their own interests. How do they manage to co-exist?
Multi is the study association for Minorities & Multilingualism, the perfect bachelor programme for students interested in language, history, politics, sociology, and much more.
Multi is a relatively young association, established only in 2014. We aim to expand our member’s knowledge, and change their views on topics that are currently debated such as the refugee crisis and terrorism. In addition, it is our goal to create an informal atmosphere in which our member’s feel confident enough to discuss these topics, but also respect each other and the fact that everyone has a different way of looking at things. We advertise difference and applaud acceptance.